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Stepping Into Your User’s Shoes; Exploring Empathy Mapping

TABLE OF CONTENT LET’S GET STARTED What is an Empathy map? Who uses an Empathy map Why use an Empathy map? What is inside the Empathy map template? Why use the Empathy map template? GETTING IT DONE How to craft survey questions for the map? How to get the template? How to duplicate the template? […]

A Designer’s Super Guide to Case Study

Hey Super Designer! Let’s talk about case studies, the gateway to landing those dreamy interview slots! Think of a case study as your virtual portfolio spokesperson, speaking on your behalf with pizzazz!  So, you have to make it convincing. Although crafting captivating case studies may seem like a very big deal, but fret not I got […]

Soft Skills: The Secret Ingredients to Product Management Success.

INTRODUCTION While technical knowledge and industry expertise are vital, let us reveal the secret sauce that separates great product managers—soft skills! You read that correctly. Let’s look at how soft skills can help you advance in your job as a product manager and achieve success. “Must Haves” Soft Skills of a Product Manager 1. Empathy […]

HerTechStory: From Public Administration to Product Design

HerTechStory highlights inspiring tales of women in tech. For today, we will be having Ayomide Adekoya. A graduate of Public Administration who bagged 2 roles in less than 1 year after beginning her design journey. Let’s dive in… Tell us about yourself. Ayomide: My name is Ayomide Adekoya Elizabeth. A graduate of Public Administration from Kwara State […]

Empowering Women to Conquer the Digital Frontier: Unleashing My Web Development Journey with HerTechTrail Academy

Embarking on a web development journey as a woman in the tech industry can be both thrilling and challenging. However, my experience took a transformative turn when I discovered HerTechTrail Academy—an empowering platform dedicated to equipping women with the skills and knowledge to thrive in the digital landscape. In this blog post, I want to […]

Sell those shots : A guide to personal branding

What is Personal Branding? To begin with, what comes to mind when you think of brands or branding? Is it the influencers you see online, or the products and services you purchase? Recently, I had a conversation with my roommate about her view when it comes to branding, and that’s when I realized that some […]

HerTechHeroes: Changing the lives of women in tech, one donation at a time

You know about HerTechTrail’s community and her academy, but do you know about her heroes? “Alone, we can do so little; together, we can do so much.” – Helen Keller HerTechHeroes was created as an opportunity for people who are passionate about what we do at HerTechTrail and want to contribute directly to the growth […]

Stories of friendships among black women in tech

Women are being awesome friends to each other in the most amazing ways that are great for progressing their careers. This series will bring you sweet, and encouraging stories of female friendships among techies every month. Be sure to come back for more! This month, I got talking to a TechTrailer- she currently works as […]

This TechTrailer has left Naira for Nigerians.

If you’re interested in how a woman can go from being a total newbie in the very first cohort of the HerTechTrail Academy to being a tech sis who now earns in hard currency—the USD type specifically—you want to read this conversation to the last sentence. Source: Zikoko Memes Disclaimer: She did not take part […]

Breaking the Glass Ceiling As A Woman In Tech

Hey Tech Sis! It’s Women’s History Month, and I’m sure you must have heard stories about amazing women in various spheres who are said to ‘Break the Glass Ceiling’ Do you ever wonder what the phrase means? When I first heard it, I imagined that one day I’m attending a tech conference hosted in a […]

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