The Significance of Tech Education for African women


The tech industry is seen as a male-dominated career and Africa is no exception. Research has it that only 30% of African women make up the tech industry. African women are indeed highly underrepresented in the tech industry. The reason might range from gender discrimination to work culture in previous jobs or industries. 

Many authors have said so much about the importance of women in tech. African women need to know why they should be in the tech space.


Benefits of Tech to African women

1) Tech provides marketable skills: many African women learn dressmaking, hair making, catering, etc. Tech provides much more marketable skills with attractive paychecks such as Graphics Design, Web-development, UI/UX Design, Data Analysis, Content writing, Technical writing, etc. With any one of these, you have the skill to show off and earn a decent living. As an African woman, you can acquire any of these tech or digital skills. Furthermore, far from the perception of so many women in Africa, not all Tech skills require coding.

2) Take part in informed decision-making: Being in the tech space gives room for both professional and personal growth, thereby giving you a spot with a highly innovative and productive team. As African women in tech, you have the opportunity of getting involved in making decisions.

3) Increase in Earning Potential: One advantage of the tech industry to women is the opportunity to earn a respectable salary even at entry-level, this means that while learning and gaining experience, you can earn. 

 Also, starting in tech as an African woman is a great way to move up your career ladder.

4) Self-paced Training or Coaching:  Unlike other industries, the tech industry does not require a degree to become a professional in tech. You can learn at your own pace to acquire the necessary skill for the job. So as an African woman, you do not need to pay through your nose to get the required tech or digital skills.

5) Work Flexibility: While other industries still work 8 am-5 pm the tech industry adjusted the working pattern that does not require everyone to work in person. The remote work culture is undoubtedly advantageous to African women, particularly those who already have or are planning to establish a family. 


Having known why you need to be in the tech space as an African woman, you cannot enjoy the benefits above if you do not acquire the required skill.

HerTechTrail Academy is a branch of HerTechTrail that equips African women with digital and tech skills through a private coaching program. 

With a lot of women being very busy with family and businesses, HerTechTrail has made online tech learning very easy and affordable. With the introduction of her private learning Program, you stand to gain a lot as described below.

Whether transitioning into tech or advancing your tech career as an African woman, HerTechTrail Private Coaching Program will guide you through the journey. Although HerTechTrail Academy runs a general cohort twice a year, some African women opt for the Private Coaching Program.


Why up to 40% of  Women opt for HerTechTrail  Private Coaching Program(PCP)

1) Time: African women opt for the private coaching program in HerTechTrail because they get the opportunity to set their time based on their schedule. Also, women opt for the Private Coaching Program depending on the time they have set for themselves to acquire a specific skill. Waiting for the general cohort would likely distort their plans and schedule.

2) Individualized teaching-learning style: When teaching takes place in a group, the coach varies his teaching style. African women who opted for the Private Coaching Program enjoy the individualized teaching style of approach because the coach understands the teaching style that works best for her, individually.

3) One-on-One Engagement: African women opt for HerTechTrail Private Coaching Program to get the required attention they need. They say, “boost learning outcome”. The women enjoy individualized attention and enough freedom to ask questions without any form of distraction.

4) Builds Confidence: With the Private Coaching Program, African women become more confident about the skill and knowledge acquired. The women become more active and participative during coaching.

5) Career Services: With the help of our career services which include lifetime mentorship, your profile is optimized for growth with a personal and industry-standard resume, Linkedin profile, and even a personal website, together with internship opportunities, your career growth is inevitable. 

Interested in learning how we can get you started in tech? Have a chat with our academy director to get started.


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