Social Media Managers Design Starter Pack

10 Days Design Template for Social Media Managers

With the increase in the number of social media talents, it is important that as a social media management starter, you possess extra skills to make you stand out. One of which is graphic design. 

Note: This guide/template is not limited to social media managers alone, but is also open to business owners who love DIY. 

Using Canva

As a social media manager, Canva is the most popular tool to use for designs. This is because it can be used both on desktop and mobile too, allowing for accessibility wherever you are. Canva also has several easy templates you can use. 

However, it is not widely advisable to take templates straight off Canva. This is because, in order to create a standout identity for the brand you’re managing, the visual elements must be unique. In this case, your designs. 

Using this template, you have a clear shot at achieving uniqueness. 

Access the 10 Days Design Template here.

Elysa Akpan

Graphic Designer

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