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Social Media Managers Design Starter Pack

10 Days Design Template for Social Media Managers With the increase in the number of social media talents, it is important that as a social media management starter, you possess extra skills to make you stand out. One of which is graphic design.  Note: This guide/template is not limited to social media managers alone, but […]

Persona Crafting 101: Unveiling the power of user personas – From creation to utilization. 🧐

In today’s competitive landscape, understanding the needs and motivations of your target audience is crucial for creating successful products. User personas act as a guidepost, directing you to create a product that addresses the demands and motivations of your potential customers. They provide essential insights about the people using your product, allowing you to precisely […]

Contributing to Open Source as a Product Manager

Demystifying open source and learning how to contribute as a non-technical techie. When you hear the phrase ‘Open Source,’ what comes to mind? Coding? Software engineering? Github? Markdown?, etc. Just like many of you are right now, I was once confused about what open source meant and worse of, I always wondered. How can a […]

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